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Signed Acid & Eve (CD album)

Signed Acid & Eve (CD album)

VERY LIMITED EDITION Signed & Numbered CD Digi-pack ALBUM

(very few copies left)


Acid & Eve - The 4th solo album from Ultra-Sonic's Mallorca Lee, celebrates 30 years of Acid House Music and Roland Technology. Returning to the machines and sounds that got him excited and addicted to electronic music and changed his life forever.


Lisen now:


Only 303 x signed and numbered CD Digi-packs have been printed of this album which includes three original paintings by Mallorca Lee on the Digi-pack cover artwork. This amazing album recorded using only Roland Aria & Boutique equipment, pays homage to Acid House, the genre that changed the world with a nod to the past and an eye on the future. Written on step sequencers, hands-on tweaking the actual machines responsible for the birth of Dance Music, this entire album was a labor of love.


Making of documentary SYNC OR SWIM:


Composed, Sequenced, Tweaked & Recorded by Mallorca Lee at his Fami-Lee Studio, every sound on this album was made using the following equipment:

Roland: TB-3, TB-03, TB303, TR-8, TR909, SH-O1A, SE-02, VT-3, MX-1


Dedicated to: Ikutaro Kakehashi, founder of Roland Corporation. Spanky & DJ Pierre, the creators of Acid House. Egebamyasi aka Mr. Egg. And all the silhouettes in the strobe lights.


Support the Underground: DO NOT COPY & FILE SHARE THIS CD ALBUM.



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