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Signed XL (CD album)

Signed XL (CD album)

Mallorca Lee: XL
14 track Album debut solo album by Mallorca Lee.

10th Anniversay CD Digi Pack release.

Signed and numbered with new inner artwork and sleeve notes


Listen now:


XL consists of 14 forward thinking productions in Trance, Tribal and Techno aimed squarely at the dance floor, seamlessly blending Mallorca's unique take on electronica alongside various collaborations, featured vocalists, and live instrumentation that blows up the boundaries and pick locks the pigeon holes of modern day dance music. Each track has had various A list support from just about every DJ worth his salt - Tiesto,PVD,Judge Jules,JOC, SVD and Marco Vto name but a few and every track has been road tested vigorouslybefore its release by the man himself.


"Smashing releases as always from Mallorca, ahead of the pack!" John O'Callaghan.


"His tunes have hounded my turntables and dogged-out my dancefloors for many years to howling response!" Judge Jules.


Having sold a staggering FIVE MILLION records worldwide, Mallorca Lee is undeniably Scotland's most enduring and groundbreaking underground DJ/Producer who has released over seven artist albums and countless singles that have blazed an unmitigated trail thru acid house, rave, hip-hop, Trance and Techno for almost two decades. This maverick DJ / MC / PRODUCER that NME once proclaimed "more rock and roll than Oasis!" is finally ready to release his debut artists album entitled "XL".


From his humble beginnings in rave as Ultra-Sonic to global chart success with Public Domain, busting rhymes with Chuck D and Professor Griff a.k.a. Public Enemy and closing Tiesto's sold out Kaleidoscope concert (Glasgow Sept 2010) along the way, Mallorca's energetic live performances around the world continually remind us how he won his way into our head and hearts, not to mention our record collection, in the first place.


"Cool Stuff" Markus Shulz


'Mallorca has been a big inspiration to a lot of budding producers of the years, and i was one of those people a good few years ago. I'm happy to say that he is still going strong after 20 years in the bizz and is still inspiring people to this day !! This album is totally unmissable and is a very very good example of just what this guy can cook up in his studio !!' Mark Sherry.


" I like it a lot and some really nice collaborations." Marco V


"Then she waved is MASSIVE full support on that one!! love all the other tracks also will be a good album!!" Maarten De Jong


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