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Founding member Mallorca Lee continues to create, perform and play Ultra-Sonic anthems around the globe.

Listen out for the new 17 track album HARDCORE WILL NEVER DIE, brand new collaboration with Dream Frequency and the latest Ultra-Sonic Remixes.



Ultra-Sonic NEWS

November 2021


Rave legends Ultra-Sonic & Dream Frequency have joined forces to record the ultimate Oldskool album that stay's true to their piano / rave roots and sounds exactly the way you think it should. The album, Ultra-Frequency is the perfect mix of what both bands are known and loved for around the world - hands in the air Dream Frequency piano riffs, strings, power vocals with Ultra-Sonic rave stabs, screaming 303's and live MC'ing. Recorded using the boys original synths, drum machines and samples to keep that proper Oldskool, back in the day vibe over the thirteen tracks that are destined to be anthems in your collection.


ULTRA-SONIC on the Remix

January 2021

I have just completed the first Ultra-Sonic remix in decades - the last one was so long ago, I can't remember what artist it was for, do you ? 


Originally released on Steppin Out Records in the early 90's. Piano Man - Whitney Track has been given the full on Ultra-Sonic Remix.

Listen to the remix and orderCD & Vinyl

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Hardcore Will Never Die (DIGITAL)

December 2nd 2020

15 track digital release of the 1997 album.

Available now on Beatport & iTunes





*Only the CD & Vinyl has all 12" mixes of the 17 track album.